Artists must have fair remuneration from internet giants-No ifs No Buts!

Labour Party


I have worked for many years to defend artists whose livelihoods are at
stake with the growth of online video platforms.

It’s something which is very much on the agenda in the European Parliament                     with the current Commission’s Single Market reforms under way.

It is known that companies like YouTube have changed the way we listen to
music. The digital revolution has made music more accessible than ever
before, and many of today’s stars have established themselves through
social media. The same can be said for the film industry. And for many
unknown artists it’s been an enabling platform which has helped to ensure
their music (or whichever medium they use) is accessible to an audience
that it may never have reached previously, in the days of CDs or… tapes!

However, there are associated problems with this so-called revolution.
Many artists find they are in a weak negotiating position and find it
difficult to ensure they receive proper remuneration from online

It is much harder to monitor sales digitally than tracking sales of CDs or
DVDs for instance. Worse still many of the biggest internet platforms pay
pitiful amounts for the content uploaded to their services.

Therefore, I am backing an artist’s right to fair remuneration to be
included in the EU’s upcoming copyright reform legislation. Artists should
receive the same remuneration whether their work is enjoyed online or
offline – no ifs, no buts.

Today I’m coming together with MEPs from across the political spectrum, to
host an event with the Fair Internet Coalition and the Society of Audio
Visual Authors, hoping to raise awareness of the difficulties artists face
online, by hearing directly from the artists themselves.

By working together with artists, the creative sector and legislators at a
European level, I hope we can achieve a level playing field online and
ensure a sustainable future for the next generation of Europe’s artists
and creators.