Water water everywhere, and women need it most

Labour Party

To compliment my semi-regular book reviews I am going to also recommend blogs which I like, websites I think might be of interest or things I find I enjoy and think worth sharing.


Kathryn Llewellyn’s blog covers a wide variety of human rights issues. Her post here on how the United nations could do so much more for women motivated me to go and sign up to the campaign for a gender equality entity run by the United Nations. The United Nations General Assembly is about to adopt a crucial resolution on the creation of a new UN gender equality entity. Action now can ensure that the resolution will be adopted before the end of the current General Assembly by 14 September 2009, and that the new entity can really make a difference to women’s lives around the world!

 Their logo is above and I would ask you to have a look here and sign up for more equality for women. Kathryn works for Pump Aid the charity campaigning for easy access to water all around the world. She set up her blog partly to compliment her commitment to her work. I wish her every success. You can see more of the work of Pump Aid in this video.