UK’s biggest union open to possibility of second Brexit referendum

Labour Party

Trade Union, Unite has voted overwhelmingly to “keep the door open” on a public vote. Although the words were chosen carefully, and it did not specifically back a second referendum it nevertheless endorsed the possibility of a further vote.

At the union’s policy conference in Brighton it was also agreed that most of its members believe it is highly unlikely the final Brexit deal would satisfy the Union’s criteria.

Unite is one of the Labour Party’s closest allies and the party’s biggest funder and the adoption of the executive motion may go some way to persuading the Labour leadership that a further referendum is in fact in the interests of voters who have been misled over Brexit.

Furthermore, it is now official that the three biggest unions, Unite, the GMB and Unison are clearly opposed to a hard Brexit. With this in mind The People’s Vote, the organisation calling for a second referendum, must mobilise members of these unions and garner their support.

Time is short and the consequences of such a shambolic and catastrophic ‘deal’ will have a devastating effect on the very people the unions seek to support.


The People’s Vote March through the Streets of London

Labour Party

On Saturday we took to the streets, over 100,000 of us marching in central London to demand a final vote on any UK Brexit deal. It was also the second anniversary of the Brexit referendum.

Speakers called on Theresa May to do the right thing – “demand a people’s vote”.

Young and old travelled the length and breadth of the country to protest- Wiltshire, Liverpool, Kent, Nottingham, Suffolk are just a few of the places I heard people say they had travelled from that morning.

It was fantastic to see such a mix and varied group of people united in a common cause.
The march is so important – I hope it will help to shape how the next stage develops.

There is no agreement on what Brexit could look like so it’s only right that we have a second vote to canvass opinion.

Further marches are planned for the autumn. I hope you will join us. More information on the People’s Vote and how you can join in the campaign is available here.

Mary Brexit March