Government must ban the selling of sex through online adverts

Labour Party

I have worked for many years campaigning to ban in the UK websites and newspapers which sell advert space to those offering sexual services.

The online growth of such advertising over the last five years is staggering. What concerns me is that legislation covering websites which advertise the selling of sexual services is woefully inadequate in the UK. It’s appalling that sex work is procured in such a seemingly accessible way, especially online online.

There is greater protection in the United States where legislation is much tougher and unambiguous. Web companies are civilly and criminally held responsible if they knowingly facilitate sex trafficking, for example. France is also cracking down on this form of online exploitation.

The sexual abuse that currently takes place in brothels across the UK is astonishing. Last month a criminal gang of six men and a woman were found guilty of exploiting women from Romania who were sent to work in Brothels across the UK. The gang had openly used the online service Viva Street.

The Government must act NOW before more of these online web sites pop up and compete for business which will only make matters worse for those women who services are advertised.