Tories isolated in Europe and surrounded in London

Labour Party

My blogging is likely to be less frequent and shorter until May 6th for obvious reasons. Quick thoughts today;  Cameron victory ‘will marginalise Britain in Europe’ writes the Independent…

“A Conservative-led Britain would be marginalised and powerless in Brussels unless David Cameron swallows his pride and rejoins the European political mainstream, a senior EU politician warned yesterday.”

with the Times adding

“Mr Cameron cut himself off from mainstream leaders in Europe by his alliance with “exotic” MEPs from Eastern Europe in the European Parliament, said Antonio López-Istúriz, secretary-general of the European People’s Party. This was also damaging Conservative relations with the Republican Party in the US, he claimed.”

I thought this story about the “Kiss mob” protest on the excellent Rene Lavanchy´s blog (whose photo I am using)  deserved wider coverage.  I am glad people are protesting and asking why Cameron will not sack Grayling for his homophobic views.