Channel 4 News Interview: Labour’s Future

Labour Party

Last week I discussed the future of the Labour Party on Channel 4 News with Michael Crick. You can watch the clip here.


It followed an article I wrote for the New Statesman which you can also read here.

Lib-Dems caught Short

Labour Party

This fascinating little story on Michael Crick’s blog a few days ago seems to have gone virtually unnoticed.

It appears that the Liberal Democrats are trying to get money meant for parties in opposition even though they are now part of the Con-Dem Government.  Having made a bid for Short money in the Commons they are now attempting to get hold of the equivalent in the House of Lords, Cranbourne money as the upper house calls it.

This is rightly being strongly resisted by the Labour Leader in the Lords, Jan Royall.

Just in case the noble Lib-Dem peers are not aware, you are now M’Lords in Government.  Labour is the only opposition, and therefore the only Party which should secure Cranbourne money.  Government has access to the Civil Service and a plethora of advisers and researchers which is quite simply not how it works for Her Majesty’s Opposition.

You Liberal-Democrats wanted to be in Government.  The least you can do now is play by the rules.