Leave Voters in doubt over Brexit

Labour Party

For some time those of us campaigning on the doorstep have consistently heard the same message from Leave voters.

They are unhappy with the way in which negotiations are progressing and feel that how they voted in 2016 doesn’t necessarily reflect how they feel now, in the light of two years of negotiations.

And at last research conducted by the think tank Global Research and Kings College, London, confirms our anecdotal findings. The research surveyed 1000 people and reveals that the majority of voters, even those who backed Brexit in the 2016 referendum, feel that Brexit would come at too high a price.

The research also found that of the scenarios currently on the table in relation to exiting the EU all are worse than they had hoped for.

And over the weekend a further warning for the Government came from the Japanese Ambassador to the UK who warned that Japan was watching the negotiations closely. “Britain will not get a Brexit deal better that the current single market,” Koji Tsuruoka the country’s ambassador to the UK warned.

Car giants such as Nissan and Toyota both have large factories in the UK and use the UK as a gateway to selling cars across the continent. The ambassador warned that these firms will want to stay inside a single market if Brexit progresses. If that is in jeopardy they will look at their operations he warned in an interview with the Observer.