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Whatever faith I may have had that violence against women is being taken seriously has been been severely dented, if not demolished all together.


You will remember that I recently blogged on the anti-women abuse ad on You Tube starring Keira Knightley

Well, key scenes will apparently have to be taken out before the advert, commissioned by Women’s Aid and named the “Cut”, before it can be shown on TV or in the cinema.  The ad, which  shows Kiera returing from a film set to her boyfriend accusing her of having an affair with a co-star, ends with with Kiera spawled on the floor and repeatedly kicked by her boyfriend.  It is this scene the censors find objectionable.

What is Clearcast, the advertising approval body thinking about?  Their view that the advert is too violent and can only be shown if the most violent scenes, ie those which are the most relevant, are cut, is a little short of a verbal and emotional attack on women.  Just as we were beginning to think some progress was being made on domestic violence this happens.


Women's Rights

Today I want to draw readers attention to a hard hitting but I hope effective campaign by Women’s Aid to stop domestic violence.

Keira Knightley has starred in a short two minute movie that brings home the sad reality of the violence many women face in their own homes.

Watch the video HERE – I think it speaks for itself. Please do all you can to stop this terrible crime and to help those suffering today. All the necessary information is provided by Women’s Aid on the same page as the video.