If you haven’t yet voted, please make David Miliband Number One

Labour Party

David Miliband has just sent out this e-mail:

“In the last four months I’ve travelled the length and breadth of this country and listened to thousands of members – and I’ve been inspired by what I’ve seen and heard.

“When this contest began talk was of how the Labour Party would implode, talk only to itself or seek to fight old battles. But instead we’ve moved on from the Blair/Brown era and shown that we are determined to look outwards and to the future.

“We are a Party determined to show that whilst we lost in May, we are not beaten. A Party that knows it can buck the trend, not disappear into the obscurity of opposition for a decade. A Party that will not give up, but will fight to win.

“Now, with voting closing next Wednesday, we’re into the final week. And we have to decide who can win for Britain.

“Every candidate in this contest claims that they are going to win, it’s what you do in campaigns.

“But ask me who I’d most like to beat and there is no contest – it’s David Cameron.

“Poll after poll carried out during this contest has shown that I am the candidate who can beat David Cameron.

“I am ready to stand opposite him at Prime Minister’s Questions and expose the wrongs he’s inflicting on the communities we care about.

“I’m ready to expose a Tory government as ruthless and right wing as any of Thatcher’s and win for the people we came into politics to serve. They need our values, our voice and, most of all, our victory. When we lose, they lose.

“They are the reason why I am fighting for every last vote in this contest. I will take the fight to the heart of the Coalition – and I will not let you down.

“My campaign has reached out across the Party. I’m humbled that my support unites Dennis Skinner, Jon Cruddas and Alistair Darling. And today I’m asking for your support as well. 

“So if you haven’t voted yet in this contest please do so now.

“Please give me your first preference – millions of people are depending on us and the values we hold dear.

“Thank you

“David Miliband”

If you saw David on Question Time last night, I am sure you will agree with me that he is the only one of the five candidates who looks and sounds like a Prime Minister.  Vote David Miliband for a Labour victory.