Europarl TV Interview on Protecting Children Online

Labour Party

This week I did a short interview for Europarl TV that you can watch online.  In it I am talking about a report currently going through the parliament on the protection of children online written by my colleague from the S&D Silvia Costa.

Please follow the link here to watch the video.  It’s the first piece in the video.

Interviews on BBC’s Record Europe and Europarl TV

Labour Party

I was interviewed this week for BBC’s Record Europe.  Marta Andreasen of UKIP and I were talking about the European Court of Justice’s recent ruling making it illegal to consider gender when profiling for insurance purposes.  Rather unsurprisingly we have rather different views on the matter.  You can watch the whole program here on BBC iplayer (if you live in the UK).  I will try and put up the interview on here when I can get the clip on its own.

I was also interviewed for Europarl TV talking about women in politics.  It is a short but very interesting piece, you can watch it here.

Making Sports Fairer

Labour Party

Last week there was a hearing in the Culture and Education Committee meeting on the EU’s new comptence on sport.  Europarl TV took the opportunity to interview me and come of my CULT committee colleagues about the issue, as well talk to some athletes about their feelings.  You can watch the video here.


europe, Mark Mardell

I see Mark Mardell in his Euro Blog (HERE) has flagged up the special special EU summit on protectionism to be held on Sunday 1 March. I recently did a debate on Europarl TV and I was quite clear about saying no to protectionism. I am waiting to be provided with a internet video of the debate and I will post it here as soon as it is avaliable.