Is It Worth It? – The Battle Bus

Labour Party

Today I joined “Is it Worth it?” battle bus for its launch in London. Emblazoned with the slogan ‘“Brexit to cost £2000 million a week” says Government’s own report – is it worth it?’, its message is clear: the cost of Brexit is mounting.

Its giant slogan painted across a big red bus parodies the concept used by Vote Leave during the referendum campaign which used a now discredited slogan across its battle bus which claimed we were spending over £350m a week on the EU.batlte bus

The group “Is it worth it” is a grass roots campaign, not affiliated to any political party but funded through donations of 600 ordinary people. And, says its website, it aims to deliver people the truth about Brexit.

Starting today it tours the UK until 28 February. A full list of the bus’s planned route over the next week is available here.

The level of interest in the campaign is evidence alone of just how important the issue is to the public; people are increasingly raising concerns with me about the direction of Brexit and are very uncertain that we are doing the right thing. We know the idea of a second referendum is favourable with the public-last month’s ICM survey showed a 16-point margin in favour of having a final say (47% of people would favour having a final say on Brexit while 34% oppose re opening the question.)

If you are in the area where the bus is heading do visit it. And if you are not able to join the bus on its tour then the website has some very compelling arguments about Brexit and what it would mean if the UK was to stay a member of the EU and its argument is based on facts all of which are on the website.