Keeping London Open to the World for Business

Labour Party

The letter below was sent by LM of Stonebridge to all London MEPs. I am publishing it because I agree that London is the world’s greatest city because it is so cosmopolitan. “We are stronger together, not apart.”

“Dear MEP,

I want to share my views as a resident of London.

In the news I have seen increased headlines about the pound dropping in value as a reflection of government devaluing ‘Great’ Britain and I ask my elected representatives

How are we appreciating and valuing that greatest if we are closing ourselves away from the world? dismissing overseas advice, excluding and segregating workers, medical professionals and students and registering them for working in international companies, naming and shaming companies for not employing British workers, which this alone has an air of antisemitic legislation from 1930’s Germany written all over it. These are not ‘foreigners’ these are human beings just like you and me, no different and without them London and Britain would not be what it is today.

If Britain stayed on this island and never invaded or explored anywhere else we wouldn’t have the diverse and multicultural life that we have let alone the standards that today make Britain what it is – look at tea for a very tiny example, something world known to be ‘British’ and yet it’s origins are Indian. This small example alone shows that as a nation we are not a stand alone ‘great British race’ of people but a collective of many different and varied backgrounds, we are not separate from the EU nor the rest of the world and continuing to peddle the perception that we are is not only to our detriment but the whole world misses out on what we can bring.

What I am getting to here is the fact that regardless of view about Brexit one cannot deny that our lives have been enriched by experiencing different parts of humanity and without this and leaving in a ‘hard Brexit’ or any Brexit for that matter we would be devaluing ourselves even further. We are stronger together, not apart so I ask you to consider this letter when representing London in the European Parliaments.”