Keeping Freedom of Movement in the European Union

Labour Party

Since the EU referendum result hundreds of Londoners have written to me with their concerns about the impact on their lives. I’m publishing below a letter from a Mr. Bartholomew of Hackney who rightly makes the point about ensuring British citizens who currently have the right to move freely around the European Union retaining this, rather than facing the cost of visas and other difficulties in carrying out business across Europe. As a London MEP I know that the vast majority of London citizens and businesses welcome the opportunities that access to the European Union offers them and I will be continuing to fight for this.

“I am extremely concerned about the path being taken by the UK

Government in relation to “Brexit” following the EU Referendum. In

particular, I am concerned about the “hard Brexit” stance being adopted

by Theresa May and her three Brexiteers.

Despite what the media headlines and MP talking points say, there is no

clear mandate to leave the European Union. The country is divided in

two, while Londoners clearly voted to remain in the EU.

Not only has this referendum split the country, the tone of the UK

Government is becoming increasingly isolationist and xenophobic.

Xenophobia and racism have been legitimised, resulting in a significant

increase in hate crimes on our streets.

Indeed, the Home Secretary’s recent remarks suggesting that businesses

be compelled to report the number of “foreign” workers they employ is

bordering on the totalitarian.

I am deeply concerned about the direction my country is headed and,

against my will, once “Brexit” is implemented, I will be stripped of

the advantages and responsibilities of an EU citizen.

I ask you, as my MEPs, to work with your colleagues in the European

Parliament to offer EU passports to those British people who wish to

remain part of this amazing European Union.”