Fabian Women’s Network visit Brussels

Labour Party

Despite a very difficult day, I was delighted to receive visitors of Fabian Women’s Network Mentoring Scheme yesterday into the Brussels Parliament.

Of course, following the tragic events it was not the visit either the group or myself had intended to conduct but nevertheless we continued as best we could as the developing news unfolded and we learnt more and more about the horrific and tragic events of the day.

The Fabian Women’s Network Mentoring Scheme helps women who are seeking to develop a career in politics and or public life. The programme launched in 2011 on International Women’s Day and has seen four cohorts of women complete the mentoring and training scheme.

Yesterday a group of 30 women visited Brussels where they met with MEP colleagues to find out about the work of the European Parliament and the role of MEPs. They received a tour of the hemicycle, listened to a seminar on the role of Parliament and spent the remainder of the day with myself and MEP colleagues in a round table discussion.

My office had contact with the group last evening and they arrived safely back in London last night.

The terror attacks on Brussels yesterday were simply atrocious and deeply shocking. I wish the people of Brussels and all those from across the world including family and friends of those affected by this my best wishes.