The Great Politician Hack

Labour Party

Last month I participated in an educational film made by the anti-virus, cloud content and computer security company, F-Secure. The organisation filmed me undergoing a controlled (and ethical) hack. It’s not something I’ve ever (knowingly) done before but I learnt so much about online security during this process.

Public Wi-Fi networks are increasingly popular. They are offered to us often for free and usually for a certain period of time but there are no security guarantees when you access such sites. So F-secure, along with investigative journalist Peter Warren conducted an experiment and hacked three politician’s (of which I was one) accounts to highlight how vulnerable we are when using public Wi-Fi.

You can watch the film Peter made here. I hope you find it useful. Certainly I was surprised at the ease with which they were able to hack into my social media accounts and manipulate my information, as well as posting things as though it was from me. It all happened extremely quickly. You can watch the film in full here.