Honeyball’s Weekly Round-up

Labour Party

The Fifa Presidential elections. There almost couldn’t be a more contentious or contradictory sentence. One of the most democratic processes took place last week, marred by news that the very heart of the organisation was being torn apart by allegations of serious corruption. This followed a series of dawn raids in hotels in Zurich targeting the organisations most senior officials.

Meanwhile, the incumbent president, Sepp Blatter, continued to lobby on his own behalf Fifa officials to ensure he was elected to serve a fifth term. He did so with at most a tacit acknowledgment that the empire around him was as, what US attorney general Loretta Lynch called international football’s “rampant, systemic and deep-rooted” corruption racket imploded.

This is, as the BBC said, the wild west of democracy.

Allegations of kickbacks and bribery have overshadowed the game’s organising body for decades, but it has taken the United States investigators to bring these men to book.

No doubt the on-going investigation, charges and a trial will take a long time to complete but finally the corruption is being tackled.

Last week I read about a photo exhibition of young female graduates who revealed the sexist questions they’ve been asked in job interviews.

On the surface some are so ridiculous they could make you laugh-out-loud but as you read more of them you begin to understand how invasive and offensive they are.

Job interviews are always nerve wracking, even for the most confident of orators and performers, yet women are often judged on so much more than their ability to do the job as these questions reveal, how they can compete against men when they are thrown off course like this during an interview is anyone’s guess.

The photos which show women sitting in a chair holding placards with the questions they’ve been asked show the depths of discrimination in the workplace. The project was commissioned by the employment law firm Thomas Mansfield. Questions include whether they would be willing to flirt with customers as part of the job, if they are planning on having children and intimate details about their periods.

You can read the full list here.

I find it incredibly disturbing that young women, many of whom may be undertaking their first job interview following graduation, are asked such offensive questions. I doubt very much male graduates would be asked anything like these questions.

This form of discrimination should not be taking place in workplaces and I was genuinely shocked to learn such questions are still frequently asked.