My speech on the Tarabella report on gender equality

Labour Party

The European Parliament on Tuesday adopted by a large majority – 441 votes for, 205 against and 25 abstentions – the annual report on equality between men and women drawn up by Belgian socialist Marc Tarabella. This report highlights areas where urgent action is needed if we are to achieve targets on gender equality, particularly in the area of women’s employment.

The report comes at a time when progress on gender equality it stagnating and addresses a number of key areas of concern including violence against women, the gender pay gap and maternity leave.

One thought on “My speech on the Tarabella report on gender equality

  1. I can’t agree more. However, as a feminist who happens to be male I find it strange that I am excluded from the debate. I have tried to attend various feminist group meetings and been excluded. Men should be attending and taking responsibility. When I hear the debates about gender it often refers to women as if men do not have a gender which is socially constructed. See Pavan Amara in the Independent. as to whether or not men should be included.

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