My interview on 5 Live talking about domestic violence in the UK

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I spoke on Radio 5 Live last week (available here) about domestic violence in the UK – a problem which is still under-reported and relatively hidden. Statistics show the limitations of our criminal justice system when it comes to protecting women and preventing further abuse. Two women a week in the UK are murdered by a partner or ex-partner and often we find that victims of domestic murder had already been in contact with key agencies and that opportunities to intervene to prevent abuse were missed.

The Tory government has consistently cut funding available for women’s refuges and much needed specialist support is also being lost. Some parts of the country now have no provision at all. This is why the Labour Party have said that we will set up a national refuge fund and introduce new, robust standards for police and support services to keep all women safe.

In the EU, I strongly support further legislation to combat and prevent domestic violence and will continue to work with colleagues to ensure that we have the strongest possible policies in place.

Women’s Aid: 0808 2000 247

2 thoughts on “My interview on 5 Live talking about domestic violence in the UK

  1. Hi Mary, and what is the Labour Party going to do about the international male media that promotes violence, hate speech and the ideology of gendered supremacy to boys and men? To run a few government campaigns against a media hate campaign that grosses more than Hollywood and the arms industry combined is simply pissing in the wind. And the attitudes that porn promotes are at the root of all male attacks on women and children and the institutional cover ups undertaken by male led governments, police forces and judicial systems. Sexism and covering up sexist violence against women and children is as big a problem in the left as it is in the right of politics and both sides uphold the media campaign that spreads this murderous attitude from one generation to the next.

    1. Hi Vicki, I agree with the views you express in this post. As you know, it’s extremely difficult to make much progress on these issues in the short term. All of us who are concerned about women’s rigts must keep going, campaigning and raising awareness as much as possible

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