Women Continue to be Negatively Portrayed in the Media

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Female politicians are portrayed more negatively than male colleagues, new research has found.

I find it deeply concerning and rather astonishing that the media still present women so negatively and do so with little consideration of the consequences . It’s hardly surprising that women don’t feel particularly encouraged to participate in the political process and feel totally alienated as a result.

The researchers from Bournemouth University and Leeds Trinity University suggested that women receive less favourable coverage than men because it is assumed that men stand for, and represent, the whole population.

However, it’s not only within the press that we find consistent negative representations of women. Women in many different areas of public life are regularly attacked in some of the most abhorrent ways on social media. It is well documented that ‘internet trolls’, as they are known, use abusive and misogynistic language and threaten women who dare to give their opinion. There have been some high profile cases recently which thankfully resulted in convictions.

One of the researchers, Dr Heather Savigny summed up her findings rather well and said the result of such negative coverage meant women voters were both disengaged and left feeling un represented in Parliament, “the invidious trend affects the democratic process, whereby women voters feel unrepresented in Parliament and turn away from political engagement,” she said.

The researchers suggested a move towards print journalists being more conscious of including women in media coverage and reflect on how they present women. Their recommendations included the creation of a media monitoring group, comprising politicians, media representatives and academics.








One thought on “Women Continue to be Negatively Portrayed in the Media

  1. I think the media and porn in particular, has taken over from religion in shaming and degrading women and children as second class people to men. It means we have no access to justice as the political and social system regards us as whores and sluts since that’s what we are called in the male media. As victims in male abuse cases, we have to prove our innocence of not provoking violence against us as they man is instantly seen as innocent until proven guilty. It means that most women will not go to the justice system when attacked and won’t go near a political system that is as corrupted by the same views too. This is a sham democracy and justice system, as anyone that has tried the system for male violence will know to their cost.

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