A Feminist Political Party?

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Sexism in politics: This was the subject of a discussion I had last week on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme. I was discussing the possibility of a feminist political party, with Guardian journalist Suzanne Moore who had posed the question in the first place.

Moore said that while we have a vibrant feminist movement today, this isn’t reflected in any political structure.

It is true that we have a strong feminist movement in this country which we need to tap into more. However, as I said during the interview I stop short at embracing the idea of a feminist political party because the only way to make any significant change is through the political process.

You can listen to the interview, and my argument,  with myself and Suzanne Moore here.

2 thoughts on “A Feminist Political Party?

  1. to my mind two issues that need looking at:
    1) in the Euro-elections the countries electing their MEPs by STV, one elected the highest proportion of women (Malta), and the other (Eire) came 2nd=. Also Northern Ireland elected 2/3 women MEPs.
    2) nominations to the “Lords”

  2. I think a party run by men for men which sidelines human subordination on gender lines is missing the political process for over half of the population. Hate speech and the promotion of gender violence and abuse through male media is simply not being tackled as it is seen as a male freedom issue, regardless of how it impacts on mine and my daughters health and safety and millions like us. Thats why feminism is on the rise, because political process is redundant for women, its all about the men.

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