Discussing prostitution on Channel 4 News

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Last night I appeared on Channel 4 News alongside Melissa Gira Grant to discuss the issue of prostitution. It was an interesting feature on a subject which always tends to generate a wide range of opinions. It’s important this debate takes place, and I sincerely hope, following recent signs from Gavin Shuker and other MPs from across the political spectrum, that the UK will move towards a Swedish approach to the issue.

You can watch the footage again below:

2 thoughts on “Discussing prostitution on Channel 4 News

  1. Calling a group of people by hate speech in the way the sex industry does of its own female workers, recruits via drug baiting of minors and attracks customers that seem to want to attack its workforce is hardly an industry like any other.

  2. Mary Honeyball seems to be quite a nice, likeable lady, but there are many like me who are very disappointed with her position regarding prostitution. Like me, she is a committed Humanist, but she doesn’t seem to take any account of the real reality of the situation – and it’s not very Humanist to simply ignore facts that just don’t fit her view. She has absolutely no supporting data regarding the Swedish model that she seems so fond of, and in criminalising clients the industry (and I mean, the English Collective of prostitutes – not pimps or traffickers) see this move as another step along a road that positively places working girls in harms way. There is evidence that many (maybe most) prostitutes do so willingly and freely … And indeed some might feel they perform a valuable service. I don’t doubt that she may be well-meaning, but it would be a grave mistake that will make the women MORE vulnerable, not less. And who will care then, I wonder, when we hear of more “Yorkshire Ripper” horror stories? Of course we don’t want traffickers or pimps – but her legislation towards prohibition (think of the booze wars in the 20’s USA) will make their situation worse – not better. But don’t believe me, look up the ECP, and find out what those who actually do the work say!

    David Brittain
    Bedfordshire Humanists

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