European Parliament Campaigns to End Violence Against Women

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The European Parliament is doing great work to combat violence against women. During the last Strasbourg plenary session we passed a legislative resolution requesting the European Commission to present an EU-wide strategy and an action plan to combat violence against women.

The report went on to encourage the Commission to adopt the first steps towards establishing a European observatory on violence against women and also urged them to establish an EU year to end violence against women within the next three years.

One thought on “European Parliament Campaigns to End Violence Against Women

  1. When Governments outlaw promoting violence against women in men’s media, then we’ll know they’re are serious … til then, most females experience violence first at school or in the home and it continues from there. The police and army have some of the highest figures for using sexist violence so where do we go when we are subject to sexist violence? There is no cavalry to come over the hill in this war – we are completely on our own in this war.

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