Debating Europe Discuss Reproductive Rights in the EU

Labour Party

Last month I was involved in a discussion over Skype where I was asked a number of questions by young people about the EU.  The conversation was recorded and the first segment was published a few weeks ago and you can read that blog here.

Last time we were talking about EU-US relations, this time it was on the subject of reproductive rights.  I answered the very interesting question of whether the EU was the right forum for discussing social policy.  You can see the answer I gave by watching the video above.

Also answering questions was Johanna Westeson, Regional Director for Europe at the Centre for Reproductive Rights and my fellow Labour MEP Michael Cashman.  Chris Wigram, International Director of the European Christian Mission, gave a written response as well, so there were man different perspectives provided.

The whole piece is worth looking at, and you can do that by following the link here.  You can also contribute your own opinions at the bottom of the page in the comments section.