Ending violence against women and girls – a global approach

Labour Party

A draft motion for the resolution to end violence against women will appear before the European Parliament this week.

As the motion states, violence against women remains a serious global issue, “violence against women and girls remains one of the most serious, global, structural human rights violations, and is a phenomenon that involves victims and perpetrators of all ages, educational backgrounds, incomes and social positions, and is both a consequence and a cause of inequality between women and men.”

The motion seeks international cooperation to address the issue and highlights the importance of United Nations policy in helping to eliminate all forms of violence against women.
The motion also rightly highlights the importance of local NGOs, women’s shelters advocacy groups and other support structures which are “essential to make progress in eradicating violence against women and gender based violence.”

I hope the UK Coalition Government pays attention to this; cutting funding for essential services will have the opposite effect to actually supporting some of the most vulnerable people who rely on services to overcome their distressing situations.

It is important that all parties concerned buy into this, at a local, national, European, and global level, because without all the actors playing their part it will be difficult to achieve this ambitious goal.

The plans will be discussed at the UN between the 4-15 March when it will adopt a set of forward looking agreed conclusions that will contribute in a significant way to end violence against women and girls.

Ultimately we all have duty to participate and support this action.

One thought on “Ending violence against women and girls – a global approach

  1. When is the political parties going to take the bull by the horns and tackle the global propoganda that is the porn industry? We cannot have freedom of speech when most of that speech is lies portraying females enjoying be hit, defecated on, eating their own shit, raped, spunked on whilst being refered to as bitches, whores and worse. Not a disclaimer in site, no regulation whatsoever worth zilch. Nor is there any honest dialogue in any of the political parties about the link between the sex industry and its media arm, pornography. That pornography uses the shield of ‘its all good if its consensual’ is rich coming from the media division of an industry that is the biggest commissioner of human slavery in the modern world. Women pay a huge amount in taxes for a bunch of politicians that sell our rights down the river to keep the rich media paymasters of porn happy and to please men who say they care about their families whilst doing nothing to protect their wives and daughters basic human rights. Right here, in the UK. Just had to move my 6 year old daughter’s school as she suffered 3 months of sexist violence including a sexual attack in year one, which the teachers refered to as play on the boys behalf. I am so fed up with the hypocrisy of politicians around sexist violence. Deeds, not words.

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