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Labour Party

Taxes will have increased some 300 times by 2015 when the Coalition Government’s term will end, the Tax Payers Alliance (TPA) warned earlier in the week.

The TPA researched tax policies since the Coalition Government was formed and the Alliance claimed there had already been some 254 tax rises and at least 45 more planned before the next election.

You can read the full report here.

There was a very curious story on the front of this week’s Observer. The lead, front page story accused Gove advisors in the Department for Education (DfE) of smear tactics on journalists and opponents. The article warned that official guidelines may have also been broken.

The story concerns the Observer’s allegations that the DfE has undertaken a propaganda campaign using an anonymous twitter account called @toryeducation.

The account, so the Observer story reveals, is used to attack critical stories about the secretary of state for education, Michael Gove, and the department. “It is often abreast of imminent Tory policies, suggesting it is coming from close to the centre of government. However, it is also used to rubbish journalists and Labour politicians while promoting Gove’s policies and career,” the article warns.

You can read the Observer’s full report here.

Last week saw some embarrassing confusion from the Coalition Government over the child care shake up. Early Years Minister, Elizabeth Truss, announced on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that child minders and nurseries could increase the number of children they care for if they improve their qualifications.

However, just hours later Tory MP, Claire Perry said: “I think she [Truss] perhaps got a little bit ahead of herself with the announcement.”

Critics argue they are unhappy with the ‘fixation’ to alter the ratios. You can read more on this subject here.

Also this week, Olympic Gold medalist Mo Farah and his wife criticised the Government’s Games legacy. Mrs Farah said, in an exclusive interview with the Observer that she and her husband wanted to see an increase rather than a reduction in school sports budgets.

She told The Observer that “having both come from a school where PE at grass roots level was widely accessible, Mo and I are acutely aware such a system can have on the younger generation.”

She went on to say that it is at this stage that gifted students are discovered and they should be nurtured. You can read the full story here.

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