Barroso lashes out at British Conservatives in European Parliament

Labour Party

I tweeted about Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission’s speech earlier this week. He highlighted the divisions inside the Conservative Party. Many Conservative MEPs take a very different line to the Conservative lead British government in Brussels and Strasbourg. Barroso asks the Conservative Party in Brussels and Strasbourg to be consistent with David Cameron’s Conservative Party in London.

This exposes how David Cameron has lost control of his MEPs and how their actions damage the message of the Btitish government.

2 thoughts on “Barroso lashes out at British Conservatives in European Parliament

  1. Mr. Barroso is correct in his assessment of the Conservatives, their stance is ridiculous but that he feels so free to lecture them is a clear example, seen so often in the EU, of the tail wagging the dog.
    The EU Commission President is a civil servant and as such he should serve the elected politicians, instead he wags his finger and tells them how unhappy he is with their behaviour in the manner of an exasperated Head Teacher lecturing the school for the umpteenth time about litter in the playground.
    The character of Sir Humphrey Appleby amused the nation in the TV series Yes, Prime Minister with his clever manipulation of the elected politicians but even he was never arrogant enough to lambast them in public.

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