BBC Sunday Politics: Debating My Report

Labour Party

Last Sunday I debated my report: Reading Between the Lines – examining the links between advertisements for sexual services and trafficking for sexual exploitation on the BBC Politics Show, London. You can watch the debate with guests Labour MP for Feltham & Heston, Seema Malhotra, Conservative MP for Bromley & Chislehurst, Bob Neill and an activist for the International Union of Sex Workers, Catherine Stephens. You can watch the full programme by following the link here or scroll to 30 minutes, 30 seconds for the debate.

One thought on “BBC Sunday Politics: Debating My Report

  1. Still think people need to stop refering to sex slavery as trafficked women. Trafficking is the verb, but the buying and selling of women and children is slavery. I notice the media calls it slavery when men are held captive and worked by gypsies, but women and children held captive and worked are called trafficked. It is a lessening of the language used to describe the victim by gender or age.

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