Written Declaration on vaccination and immunisation

Labour Party

Back in February along with four other MEP colleagues – Sean Kelly, Marie-Christine Vergiat, Veronique de Keyser and Bill Newton Dunn – I launched a written declaration calling for the European Commission to continue and increase its commitment to reducing the number of vaccine preventable deaths in its future work. 

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The Written Declaration needs the support of 377 of Members of the European Parliament to become the EuroParl’s official position.  

I am happy to say that we have almost reached the magic number!

At the end of May’s mini plenary session, 302 MEPs had signed the declaration. With only 76 more to go the President of the Parliament, Martin Schulz, has granted the declaration an extension.

This plenary session is the final opportunity for MEPs to pledge their support to vaccination and immunisation in developing countries by signing Written Declaration 004/2012.

Vaccines and immunisations programmes have a much wider impact than improving the health or indeed saving the life of the children who are inoculated.

By supporting Written Declaration 004/2012 MEPs will help put an end to the terrible situation which exists at present whereby 2.5 million deaths which could have been prevented by vaccination and immunisation occur every year.

Bill Gates has put lots of money where his mouth is on this life-saving campaign. All MEPs have to do is sign their name.