Britain’s Olympic Hopefuls – Chrystall Nicoll

Labour Party

Chrystall Nicoll was born in Dorset in 1986, but now trains at Brentwood in Essex.

Chrystall was known as a gifted sportsperson who took up fencing aged 10 at her local club.  It was a weekly social activity with friends and family, but it became clear very quickly that she was a natural.

Chrystall is Britain’s current number 1 and has won two bronze medals at the World Cup as well as a string of British titles.

Her dedication to the sport can’t be questioned either, given the fact that she cancelled her honeymoon in order to prepare for the Olympics this year.

She said:

‘Because the world championships were coming up when we got married I didn’t really have the time for a honeymoon then. We have had a long weekend in Ireland, so that’s something, but we are planning to go away after the European Championships in Sheffield.’

Chrystall has also mentioned her desire to quit her job as a sales rep for Coca-Cola in order to devote more of her time to fencing.  It’s clear that she takes her sport very seriously and I’m sure that commitment will shine through this summer in London.