Written Declaration 4/2012 on Vaccines and Immunisation

Labour Party

Last week I wrote about the written declaration on vaccines and immunisation which I am campaigning on. The written declaration calls on the European Commission to continue and increase its commitments to reducing the number of vaccine preventable diseases in the developing world.

The written declaration is now open for MEPs’ signatures. It will need 377 signatures for it to pass so if you support this written declaration, you should contact your local MEP and ask them to sign.

You can read the full text of the written declaration here.

In this vlog I talk about how vaccinations have been important in my life, and how they have changed the world. I want to spread that success story to every child across the world.

One thought on “Written Declaration 4/2012 on Vaccines and Immunisation

  1. We would be better to improve the standard of vaccines, push for proper safety testing, before sending them out to the rest of the world. We need to ensure real safety

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