Honeyball’s Weekly Round Up

Labour Party

Last week an article in the Guardian claimed we are witnessing a voluntary sector glass ceiling; this is despite the Sex and Power report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission that suggested that 48% of chief executives are female. An encouraging figure, you may think, bringing us ever closer to parity in one sector (the voluntary sector) , at least. So it was a little disappointing to learn that only 43% of charity leaders (including chief executives, and where there is no paid leadership role’s) are female, according to a report by the Clore Social Leadership Programme.

OK so it could be worse, but recognition of the lack of parity was encouraging, but only because it means it has more chance of being addressed. Authoring an article for the Guardian was Rowena Lewis who stated in the piece: ‘Frankly, I don’t think 43% is anywhere near good enough for a sector in which 68% of employees are female.’ Her report: ‘Close to Parity a Study into Female Leadership in the Voluntary Sector’ is available to download from the Clore Social Leadership Programme’s website.

You can read her article for the Guardian here.

The Telegraph reported last week that fewer places will be made available this year to prospective university students. Some 10,000 temporary places– offered in previous years to cope with a sudden surge in applications – would not be made available in 2012.

A further 5,000 places that are normally allocated to universities that over-recruit are also being cut.

Last week the Mirrors editorial claimed in a powerful, albeit short piece, that David Cameron is writing his own political obituary. ‘David Cameron’s squirming to avoid responsibility was pitiful and his blindly ploughing on, pretending it’s all someone else fault, will blight more lives on top of those already ruined by voodoo economics,’ the piece stated. I couldn’t have put it better myself. You can read the comment piece in full here.