Honeyball’s weekly round up

Labour Party

The Governments Health Care Reform Bill will go through parliament in the first proper session following the summer recess. 

The Tories attempted clever tactic, first they postponed the Bill and then debated it as soon as the new school (Parliamentary) term begins- clearly hoping that opposition will not have had enough time to mount.  It’s as clear as a fresh autumnal morning!

But it [the tactic] failed in any case. The Labour Party along with the trade union, Unison, mounted opposition over the weekend and protested across the nation over the weekend, and mounting media interest next week will make the Government feel rightly under scrutiny as some 1000 amendments to the Bill which are poured over and in very little time. 

Guardian Columnist Polly Toynbee covered it well in apiece last week which you can read in full here.

Amid the entire Bill is a reform on abortion – supported by Nadine Dorries MP. She hopes that counselling services will be offered by a greater range of people and groups.

My concern as I highlighted in a letter published in last weeks Gaurdian, is that it will make women vulnerable to those who are ideologically opposed to abortion.

You can read more here.

Angela Merkel is set to face one of her toughest fights. She has shouldered much of the blame of the eurozone crisis and unsurprisingly exit polls suggest she’s managed to gain no more than 24% of the vote.

Today’s Telegraph suggests she is being punished for the euro zone debt crisis. The full article can be read here.

Next week is set to be busy with both domestic and European politics on the edge.