Holborn and St Pancras Fundraising Dinner

Labour Party

Yesterday I has the enormous pleasure of going to a  Holborn and St Pancras fundraising dinner in the deservedly famous Limonia Greek restaurant in Regent’s Park Road.

It was an excellent event with many old friends present. It was really good to catch up with Scarlett MccGwire and Dianne Hayter, now a member of the House of Lords, and to see Andrew Dismore, the candidates I’m supporting for selection as the GLA candidate for the Camden and Barnet seat. Local MP Frank Dobson was also there as was Camden resident Helena Kennedy, now a QC.

The highlight was Neil Kinnock who gave us a typically rousing speech. It’s good Neil is still around and involved as we need him in these times of Tory-led cuts and increasing international gloom to keep our spirits us and remind us we are fighting for fairness and opportunity for all.