Charlton House – A Magnificent Venue

Labour Party

There can be few finer venues for political meetings in London than Charlton House. Greenwich Council have a library here, host weddings and also hire rooms for political meetings. Having worked for the local Cooperative society in Greenwich (the Royal Arsenal Co-op for those who remember) many years ago it is a building I cherish. I recommend a visit and unlike many similar historic buildings admission is free thanks to the wisdom of Greenwich Council buying Charlton House in 1925.

I was therefore very pleased to be invited to talk  to Greenwich Labour Party last Thursday in this wonderful venue. I spoke about my work in Europe, specifically on the Culture and Education. Those present were, I think, interested to her about the report on early years education and care going to the plenary session in May and my forthcoming work on early school leavers.

We also spent some time discussing Britain’s woeful attitude towards the EU and the current economic situation.

The meeting was ably chaired by David Gardner whom I have known for a number of years. It was also good to see Jim and Janet Gillman, old friends from my time working for the Co-op, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish Jim all the best when he takes up the position of Mayor of Greenwich next month. Especial thanks to Denise Scott-MacDonald for all her work in putting the meeting together.

2 thoughts on “Charlton House – A Magnificent Venue

  1. and it was very good seeing you as a team with Claude
    I have already been suspicious of this talk of ‘special relationships’… the two of you proved that in fact 1+1=3 !

  2. Hi Mary! really enjoyed it – and sorry I was late and never got a chance to say ‘hallo’. Pity you both didn’t have a longer time to speak and a lot more questions.

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