Interviews on BBC’s Record Europe and Europarl TV

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I was interviewed this week for BBC’s Record Europe.  Marta Andreasen of UKIP and I were talking about the European Court of Justice’s recent ruling making it illegal to consider gender when profiling for insurance purposes.  Rather unsurprisingly we have rather different views on the matter.  You can watch the whole program here on BBC iplayer (if you live in the UK).  I will try and put up the interview on here when I can get the clip on its own.

I was also interviewed for Europarl TV talking about women in politics.  It is a short but very interesting piece, you can watch it here.

2 thoughts on “Interviews on BBC’s Record Europe and Europarl TV

  1. I understand that men pay higher motor insurance because there is a greater risk of them drink-driving.

    Why should women have to subsidize men’s drink-related expenditures?

  2. I enjoyed watching the conversation about driver’s insurance. What a charming woman Mrs Andreason is. I hope that her reckless son realises his luck in having such a sweet mother to whom he had to report the destruction of her car. One wonders also if the careful driver, Miss Andreason is happy to be paying extra insurance costs to subsidise the dangerous driving of her brother in the name of gender equality.

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