Early Years Conference, Budapest

Labour Party

This week I am speaking at a conference on early years development in Budapest, organised by the Hungarian government.  The Hungarian government currently hold the presidency of the council of ministers and have set early years development as one of their key priorities for their six months at the helm.

 Since I have recently written a report on the subject, the Hungarian government have invited me to talk at the conference and I was very happy to do so.  It is great that this subject is being taken so seriously in the EU now.  The commission will be releasing a communication on the subject soon and I hope that along with my report and the involvement of the Hungarian presidency, we will be able to forge a new approach to early year’s development across the EU.

One thought on “Early Years Conference, Budapest

  1. When voters in this country were offered membership of what was then called the Common Market, it was promoted as an organisation which would bring many benefits.

    The emphasis was on cheaper food and being able to buy wine as cheaply here as in France. They never said that we would end up with the EU directing Early Leaning!

    The might have mentioned that this new state would busy itself with interference in every part of our lives. It would have been helpful if someone had pointed out that we would still be paying more for our wine, despite the fact that we have to subsidise it and that our food stuffs would not be cheaper despite our having to subsidise them.

    The subsidy we pay to farmers is now enormous. It takes up most of the EU budget but only accounts for about 10% of the EU GDP.

    Before any more of our money is wasted and before the EU stretches its tentacles into even more things which are none of its business, we should have a referendum on our membership.

    This is pretty unlikely under the present regime. They know what the result would be.

    Labour and the Tories promised a referendum on the Lisbon Constitution – it is about time we had it.

    I am not confident that the EU will have a benign effect on education. Have a look at http://europa.eu/teachers-corner/0_9/index_en.htm you will find yourself on the official EU web site on a page Teacher’s Corner. It is for 0-9 year olds and the first sentence starts with a grammatical error.

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