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I’m always pleased to discover new feminist blogs, but Kathryn Perera’s She Blogs is a particularly welcome find. Bringing together a diverse selection of opinion pieces, news stories and events listings, She Blogs provides a useful resource for those looking to share ideas on the issues confronting women and what we can do to effectively tackle them. Having worked as a feminist activist, Labour candidate, historian and barrister, Kathryn is clearly in possession of a wealth of knowledge, and this shines through in her writing. As a history enthusiast myself, I’ve particularly enjoyed reading her colourful biographies of inspirational women from Labour’s history, many of whom have achieved little recognition despite impressive achievements. Kathryn’s critique of recently espoused proposals for reform of school history teaching is another good read, with its articulate and incisive challenge to the contention that we must restore our past focus on high politics, nation-building and (inevitably) the Big Men of history.

There’s much more to enthuse about in addition to this, so I suggest you click here.

One thought on “She Blogs

  1. Katherine Perera certainly has a sense of humour. I scrolled down the page on her web site reading of one notable Labour woman after another – Edith Summerskill, Barbara Ayrton Gould, Beatrice Webb, Jennie Lee and then I saw Glenys Kinnock posing in pearls in front of the Federal Flag!!!!

    Who will she feature next? Baroness Ashton? Caroline Flint? Sally Bercow? Hazel Blears?

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