EU High Representative champions Women

Labour Party
There is no doubt that Baroness Catherine Ashton puts the interests of women at the top of her personal agenda and that of the European External Action Service which she heads.

Speaking in the European Parliament building in Strasbourg, Labour peer Cathy Ashton told how when she visits other countries she always tries to ensure that women are included in some way, perhaps by talking to women’s groups. The same strategy is followed by United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who has also succeeded in putting women up the agenda of the State Department. Ashton and Clinton are, we understand, given to talking about women and how to improve women’s lives when they meet while carrying out their respective roles.

In setting up the EAAS I know Cathy Ashton has paid particular attention to employing women and has tried to secure a gender balance at the top of the organisation. Unfortunately due to the lack of women in senior positions, this has proved difficult. However, Cathy is ensuring that there are enough women lower down the pecking order for future promotions to redress the structure which will, inevitably, be top heavy with men at the start.    

 It’s good to see a top woman encouraging other women in such a positive way. Congratulations to Cathy and long may she continue this vital work.

One thought on “EU High Representative champions Women

  1. It is quite understandable that Mary should seek to cite examples of outstanding female figures in the EU in order to strengthen her case for the greater involvement of women in politics.

    In this case I cannot help feeling that a better choice could have been made. The case for more women in politics is, in my view, weakened not strenghtened by women who fail to live up to expectations when they are given an important position.

    I read in an Open Europe bulletin the following quotes from the Daily Telegraph. ‘Lady Ashton has been absent from 40% of the 42 meetings of the commission ‘college’ in the past year……….In an additional 26% of meetings, Lady Ashton left proceedings early………Her attendance is the worst of the EU’s commissioners’.

    This is clearly not good enough. She has not blazed a trail for women. She has let down the UK, the Labour Party and women.

    She is from Lancashire, my own home county and she has not done anything to enhance its reputation for hard work. This is the country which by its enterprise, initiative, inventiveness, resourcefulness and hard work propelled the world into the industrial age; a county which is looked at by admiring Yorkshire folk from on top of the Pennines, as they wonder at its glories, while wishing that ‘Our Gracie’ was ‘Their Gracie’. Well they can laugh at Lancashire now. Say what you will about John Prescott, he worked harder than this Lancashire Lass.

    What on earth does she do woth her time? What is she doing while the tax payers who foot the bill for her are hard at work? I imagine that mornings in the Ashton household are are pretty quiet, with the maid cleaning the house quietly, so as not to disturb the sleeping Baroness, before she takes up her Ladyship’s breakfast tray sometime in the early afternoon.

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