Fringe Meeting on Blogging 1 – Introduction

Labour Party

I’ll be posting videos of the fringe meeting on blogging I held in Manchester. Although quite a while after the event I think there are some interesting points from all the speakers that are pertinent. I think this is all the more so when bloggers like Tom Harris and Iain Dale have stopped writing since then. I think this is a loss. Firstly, here’s my introduction to the fringe meeting. I’ll then be posting the contributions of each speaker – Cllr. John Gray, Cllr. Jessica Asato, Mark Ferguson and Kerry McCarthy MP.

2 thoughts on “Fringe Meeting on Blogging 1 – Introduction

  1. Mary made an excellent point regarding the anonymity of postings on blogs. I have enjoyed posting commetns on this blog and it has never occurred to me that they should be under any other name than my own.

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