The Coalition will not sign the new EU Rules to combat Human Trafficking

Labour Party

Earlier today the European Parliament approved new EU rules to crack down on human trafficking.

On 31 August I blogged that the coalition was refusing to opt into these proposals.  This is still their position and it is to the utter discredit of the Con-Dem government that the new rules will not apply in Britain.  

David Cameron has obviously decided he would rather appease his eurosceptic backbenchers by sitting on the sidelines while other governments act. This is nothing short of disgraceful.

Human trafficking involves the illegal exploitation of highly vulnerable people, mostly women and children. I simply can’t understand why the government has chosen to opt out of these proposals.

Trafficking is a crime that shows no respect for international borders. Acting together with other EU countries is the obvious way to protect these vulnerable people and to stop this form of modern day slavery.

I again urge the government to show that it is serious about human rights and that, despite the Eurosceptic backbenchers, it wants to protect vulnerable women by agreeing to sign up to these plans and to work with European partners to stop this evil trade.

One thought on “The Coalition will not sign the new EU Rules to combat Human Trafficking

  1. I am no fan of the Coalition but I would not jump to condemn them for failing to back more EU regulation.

    What is the point of more regulation? They either get it wrong or it is not implemented. Earlier this month, Mary informed us about the EU regulations concerning passengers whose flights are cancelled. She explained that members of the public are entitled to re-imbursement or re-routing and compensation of 250 euros.

    She told us about one of her constituents who did not manage to get his 250 euros. The regulation was plainly a waste of time and money and I am no more confident that the EU will regulate effectively against human trafficking than they have regulated against anything else.

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