Debating Ryanair´s Calendar on LBC

Labour Party

Further to my last post, last night I debated the Ryanair Calendar´s with Iain Dale  on London´s LBC Radio last night. It lasts 9 minutes – just press to listen here:-

One thought on “Debating Ryanair´s Calendar on LBC

  1. Wow, that has to be one of the weakest defences of a poorly taken position from a supposedly intelligent person, that I have ever heard.
    Your argument seems to come down to nothing more than Ryan Air=Evil. Other people doing the same thing are fine, but not Ryan Air. I think that the British public deserves a little more in the way of well thought our representation that you have shown in this clip. Personally, I’m astonished you have it on your site. You come out of it very badly.

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