EasyJet ignore passengers’ rights

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With snow now blanketing much of the UK, it seems like an appropriate time to raise awareness of our entitlements in the event of flight delays or cancellation.

To clarify, under EU regulations, passengers are entitled to re-imbursement or re-routing AND compensation of at least 250 euros if their flight is cancelled or delayed by more than two hours (three hours for longer flights). Airlines are exempted from making this payment only if they are able to prove that the cancellation is a result of extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

Not all airlines, however, have adhered to this regulation, and it seems that the Air Transport Users’ Council (AUC), the body responsible for implementing the directive in the UK, lacks the necessary bite. Last week I was contacted by a constituent who is nearing the end of his tether after spending months trying to claim the compensation owed to him by EasyJet. Although unable to invoke any exemption, EasyJet have simply eschewed their duties and ignored the AUC’s attempts to enforce them. A quick Google search reveals that this is far from an isolated incident.

In blogging about this I hope to raise awareness of passenger rights and EasyJet’s evasion of responsibility. However, if you have already been left out of pocket by the unlawful actions of an airline, I suggest you contact the AUC to seek redress: the more complaints they receive, the more likely they are to take action.

One thought on “EasyJet ignore passengers’ rights

  1. I do agree with the sentiments of this article and I wonder why I and so many others have to pay all these people in the federal institutions to work out regulations if they are to be ignored.
    Presumably Mary’s constituent paid taxes to support all the EU commissioners, MEPs, researchers, translators, civil servants, lawyers, etc. while they made these rules and now he is still short of the 250 euros in compensation for his flight.
    He would be better off if we did not belong to the EU; a view which according to Angus Reid Public Opinion is now shared by even more of us. They found that – “Today 64% of those who have decided how to vote would vote to leave the EU and only 8% think that being a member of the Euro is a good idea”.
    Further details can be seen at http://www.ukip.org/content/latest-news/2036-eu-membership-harms-uk-says-poll

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