New Handbook launched to combat Gender Stereotypes in the Acting World

Labour Party

The International Federation of Actors (FIA) has produced a handbook ‘Good Practices to Combat Gender Stereotypes and Promote Equal Opportunities in Film, Television and Theatre in Europe’.

This excellent handbook resulted from a FIA organised conference which  looked at practices to combat gender stereotypes and promote equal opportunities in film, television and theatre in Europe. The conference, held in May and hosted by myself, was supported by my European Parliament colleagues Eva-Britt Svensson, Marie-Christine Vergiat and Cecilia Wikström, from the Women’s Rights Committee, Culture Committee, and Employment Committee respectively.

The aim of the handbook is to improve the gender policy of performers’ trade unions, women’s councils, national Ministries, employers in the entertainment sector, specialised agencies and committed practitioners by providing practical examples about how they can reverse the stereotyping trend frequently seen in the acting world.

The handbook develops a whole range of actions inspired by the desire to promote gender equality. Multiple approaches towards change are explored, such as promoting equality in management, professional training, as well as promoting ideas to challenge gender representation on-screen and on stage, monitoring techniques, and so on.

This is a fantastic handbook, and the result of a great deal of hard work on the part of the FIA. You can see it online here.