iPhone App launch

Labour Party

Last weeks Evening Standard revealed that I am soon to launch my iPhone app. Apparently, so the article says, Gordon Brown has also just started to tweet. I know Sarah Brown is a fan of social media but it has taken the former PM a long time to follow suit. Clearly this shows that even he is aware of how we must communicate in the era of 24 hour news, be quick to respond and among the first to know whats going on. This cannot be achieved if we do not embrace social media like Twitter and Facebook.

I told the Evening Standard that my aim is to communicate with my constituents, and anyone else who has an interest in european politics in an easy and accessible way. Of course I do this through the blog, but with our increasingly busy lives we must find new ways to access information ‘on the hoof’.

I hope that my iPhone app will challenge the maligned view that the EU is only dominated by bureaucrats. We have a lot of work to do but I firmly believe that the only way to do this is to maintain a strong and healthy dialogue with our constituents.

Over the coming weeks I will keep you informed of the progress with the app which will launch imminently. We are working on the final technical bits and as soon as it’s ready my blog followers will be the first to know!