Eating Disorder?

Labour Party

I was truly shocked when I saw this article in the Daily Mail today. (And yes, I often read the Daily Mail since I believe it’s a good idea to be familiar with all shades of opinion).

According to this research, “forget finding the right man: what makes women really happy is being the right size”.

Before I go on, I should add the health warning that the article deals with women who are obese rather than those who are within an acceptable range but still feel fat.

However, what’s going on here? Do women really think it’s more important to be thin than to find love and maybe have a family?  Is this really true?

If it is (and research such as that quoted in this article should, I believe, be taken with a large pinch of salt) we all need to think long and hard about our priorities. It would seem that the pressures people are under to conform to some image of the ideal human being – male or female – is seriously skewing our sense of what is important in our lives.