David Cameron’s Friends Commemorate the SS

Labour Party

Sometimes when I write about how extreme the Conservative Party’s friends in Europe are I am doubted. Today’s Independent has an article

Thousands pay tribute to Latvia’s fallen troops

which says

“This year, however, the occasion has put the spotlight on David Cameron’s Conservative Party, which is politically in bed with the event’s backers.”

the article concludes:

“Many Latvian SS veterans insist that they were not party to atrocities. However, Jewish groups point out that Latvian police were recruited by the Germans and took part in the Holocaust. They were responsible for the mass execution of Jews after the Nazi invasion in 1941. These men later willingly joined the Waffen SS. Historians point out that they were involved in a war against so-called “partisans” which almost certainly involved mass shootings.

With all my sympathy for the victims of Communism, the crimes of Communism are simply not the same as the Holocaust. Part of this is fuelled by a desire to deflect attention away from the extensive collaboration with the Nazis during the Second World War,” Mr Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre  said. “They thought they were fighting for Latvia but the real beneficiary of these men’s service and bravery was Nazi Germany.”

Shouldn’t a political party like this be working with the BNP not the British Conservative Party?

One thought on “David Cameron’s Friends Commemorate the SS

  1. What a parliament! Supporters of the Latvian SS, Hungarians in the anti-Roma Jobbik Party who want to annexe Slovakia, the BNP and in the Commission Soviet type communists and even a Maoist.

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