Tony Lennon

Labour Party

When Tony Lennon met me at my meeting with the Culture trade unions last month, in his typical self-effacing fashon he didn’t tell me then that it would be our last meeting in that setting. Tony is not standing for re-election as President of BECTU the broadcasting and entertainment trade union.

Tony’s columns in BECTU’s magazine Stage, Screen and Radio have always been informative. He has been a constructive critic, or rather I should say friend to the Labour government and myself as a Labour representative.   I always listened all the more knowing that Tony was a Labour Party member who would be pounding the streets at election time, not looking for glory, just campaigning to ensure the party which has done so much for workers (minimum wage, extended maternity and paternity pay, highest employment levels ever, tax credits for low paid workers, paid holidays, proper rest breaks) would be in a position to deliver.  

I do not know what Tony plans for the future. It says much that instead of marking his final meeting  by mentioning his departure, his desire was to progress the interests of his members.

I think I have learnt more about radio spectrum from Tony than anybody else, and perhaps even more than most people would want to know on this technical subject! Tony’s last another business was to brief me (again) on this key issue for his members, recent developments and things to keep an eye on. His successor will have a lot to live up to and  I look forward to working with them.

My very best wishes to Tony for the future.