Appearance on Women’s Hour plus Video showing the Reality of Human Trafficking

Labour Party

I was on Woman’s Hour this morning talking about the decision by the Metropolitan Police to reorganise the Human Trafficking Unit.  Instead of closing the Unit altogether and moving its functions into the Clubs and Vice section as we first feared, the Met has decided to approach the issue the other way round.   Clubs and Vice in its entirety is now to be moved into Specialist Crime, which includes the Trafficking Unit.  This change will take effect from April 2010, and an implementation team is to look at the best way of putting the decision into practice.

Although I am pleased the Metropolitan Police have taken some notice of my petition, I am still concerned about what the Met’s new proposal will mean in practice.  I will be posting a link to the Women’s Hour piece in the next few days.

In the meantime, you should watch this short film made by Anti-Trafficking Alliance.  The film, which is aimed at young men, shows the harsh realities of human trafficking.  Just to warn you that it’s inevitably very harrowing in parts.  Here’s the link.