Labour Party

Disgraced Tory MEP Den Dover has so far not paid back over £500,000 he unjustifiably claimed from the Europen Parliament.  Despite communications asking him to repay the ill-gotten gains, this has still not happened.  Both Mr Dover and the European Parliament it seems are less than enthusiatic in the pursuit of probity.

Mr Dover, you will recall, used a family owned company to pay secretarial allowances received by his wife and daughter.  Not only was his company getting a cash flow boost, but his family were also benefitting.  Not good.  The Conservative delegation in the European Parliament obviously thought so as they expelled Mr Dover for “gross misconduct” after the European Parliament wrote to him asking him to reimburse the money. 


Speaking personally, I am constantly amazed that Den Dover has the brass neck to be seen in the European Parliament.  As I sit on the same  Committee – Industry, Research and Energy – as  Dover I see him regularly.  I assume he claims his travel and daily allowance for each day he attends the Parliament.  Extraordinarily not good.