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I have always thought that Gordon Brown basher Tory MEP Daniel Hannan is a rather silly young man. Certainly our Prime Minister Gordon Brown seemed to think so when fresh faced Mr Hannan gave his “Devalued Prime Minister” speech in the European Parliament 24 March 2009. One look at the PM’s face during Mr Hannan’s pathetic rant showed just what he thought of the publicity seeking Tory whipper-snapper.

No surprise then that Daniel Hannan wants to abolish the National Health Service. As one of the ultra right-wing Tories, who sometimes seems to be taking the Conservative whip and sometimes does not, he is notorious for showing up his boss David Cameron. Yet Cameron himself surely has sympathies with Hannan’s ultra right brand of Conservatism. How else do you explain Cameron’s decision to take the British Conservatives out of the centre-right group in the European Parliament, the European People’s Party, which includes Nicolas Sarkozy’s and
Angela Merkel’s parties, to join forces with a rag bag of rIght-wingers which may include the anti-gay and anti-abortion Polish Law and Justice Party?

Hannan is more in line with mainstream Tory thinking than perhaps we realise. Well done to Prezzer for telling it as it is.